It was an amazing season. And we were all just glad to have made it to the World Series. It’s all we wanted.

But then we got there, and renegotiated. We wanted it all. We could smell it. It was ours. A few bad strokes of luck had pushed the series to its limit, but on that final game, in our house, with our second ACE, it was ours for the taking.

For whatever reason, it feels like this was our window. And we missed it. It feels like we won’t be back for 29 years. Other than the Cubs last year, I couldn’t think of a more deserving fan base.

But as I wake up from the gloom and doom that has been the first couple of days after the loss, I’m excited about next year. Now we know how to get there. We lived one of the craziest WS in recent memories, and we bring all that experience into the post season.

#thisteam ain’t going nowhere