It’s pretty wild to finally find yourself on the otherside of a major change.

After endless deliberation, list making, and agonizing over extreme decisions, we made it to Michigan.

A bit weird to actually drive down the same streets I used to scroll down on google street view before the move in attempts to fore-see what it would be, and feel like. I am an intuitive feeler (Ne, in MBTI speak, which I am starting to dive in to), so the way I process my emotions throughout the decision making process, is by comparing and contrasting “feels”. That intangible “feel” of a place that you can’t fully recreate without having experienced it.

But it was time. Dallas was a great adventure and will greatly be missed, but it was time to take another step in life, while also finding a good compromise that put our kids closer to their grandparents.

We are here now, ready to launch GaldaMedia, and looking forward to enjoying this region and the different diversity it offers (great lakes, michigan, midwest, east-coast, Canada, etc)

First fall in Detroit has been one for the books

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